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We’ve been making handmade knives and sheathes for more than 40 years.  Our custom Alaskan-made cutlery gives you the option of choosing your own handle material, blade shape, sheath engraving, and more.  We also sell ulus, fillet knives, jewelry, and other gifts made by other Alaskan artists.

Coral handle
Hammer Action!
IRBI Knives w/ Dall sheep handles
Hand-forged knives
Virgil Campbell grinding a knife
IRBI Knives - Moose Pass, Alaska
Dagger by Virgil Campbell
Landmark IRBI Knife sign @ 20 mile


Each IRBI Knife is custom made. Here's a sampling of some of the knives we've made in the past to inspire your own custom work of art.

Dagger w/ stag antler handle and Damascus blade
Dall sheep horn handle
Moose antler handle
Fossilized walrus ivory handle
Pink ivory and rosewood handle
Fossilized walrus ivory handle
Damascus blade
Oosik handle w/ damascus blade
Moose antler handles
Alaskan coral handle
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