The IRBI knife shop opened in July 1971 under the name “Kenai Lake Tourist Trap,” after founder Irvin Campbell taught himself how to make knives while working on the Discovery oil well in Prudhoe Bay. He crafted his first knives from worn-out hand tools and copper tubing.


Not long after opening the shop, Irvin’s knives started selling better than the knick-knacks he stocked, and he began making knives on a full-time basis.  It wasn’t long before Irvin and his wife, Clara Campbell, ran out of reliable craftsmen to make their knife sheaths. So Clara had to learn the craft herself, making thousands of sheaths in the following years.


In November 1990, Virgil and Dawn bought the business from Irvin and Clara after learning the knife and sheath making trades during the previous three years.  Hunter, the third generation of IRBI Knife makers, started learning the trade in 2005. 


Sadly, Clara passed away in 1990, and Irvin passed away in 2006. However, their legacy lives on through their works and the works of Virgil, Dawn, and Hunter.


In March 2015, we were featured in a video called "I Run a Custom Knife Shop" in Alaska Public Media's INDIE ALASKA web series.

We've been the focus of several articles in the Seward Phoenix Log: over the years too:

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