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We give a lifetime guarantee to all our knives - the lifetime of the maker, that is.  If you damage your IRBI Knife, we will repair or replace it free of charge - as long as Virgil is alive and making knives.  However, we cannot guarantee certain handle materials, such as ivory and coral, due to their scarcity.

IRBI Knife intentionally bent cold to show resistance to breakage
Guarantee In Action

The beat-up knife shown here (made by Irvin Campbell) was found near Battle Mountain, Nevada after being lost for years.  Virgil removed the blade, attached it to a new handle, and returned it to usable condition. The only cost to the owner was the price of a new sheath.

No Cutting Corners

The bent knife shown here was not designed for cutting corners.  It was intentionally bent over cold in a vice to show our that our blades are resistant to breakage.  We only harden the cutting edge, dramatically increasing the overall strength and durability of the blade.

Damaged IRBI Knife repaired free of charge
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