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We give a lifetime guarantee to all our knives - the lifetime of the maker, that is.  If you damage your IRBI Knife, we will repair or replace it free of charge - as long as Virgil is alive and making knives.  However, we cannot guarantee certain handle materials, such as ivory and coral, due to their scarcity.

Guarantee In Action

The beat-up knife shown here (made by Irvin Campbell) was found near Battle Mountain, Nevada after being lost for years.  Virgil removed the blade, attached it to a new handle, and returned it to usable condition. The only cost to the owner was the price of a new sheath.

No Cutting Corners

The bent knife shown here was not designed for cutting corners.  It was intentionally bent over cold in a vice to show our that our blades are resistant to breakage.  We only harden the cutting edge, dramatically increasing the overall strength and durability of the blade.