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Virgil has been making knives since 1987.  His knives start around $275, with a typical knife being $350 (moose, caribou and most wood handles).  More exotic/rare handle materials will increase the overall price of the knife.

Damascus blades will add $100.00 per inch of blade length to the price of a knife.  Fossilized walrus ivory handles will be priced depending on age of the ivory and current market pricing.


Sometimes we’re willing to trade; handle and blade materials may be considered, as well as many other items. Make us an offer we can't refuse.  Maybe you’d rather apply the cost of your raw materials toward a new IRBI Knife.  Give us a call to discuss options or request a quote.  We are proud to offer a 10% discount for active and retired military personnel.  

After ordering, if you aren’t completely satisfied with your custom IRBI Knife, you are under no obligation to keep it.  Send it back and we’ll try again.




The price of most IRBI knives include a custom sheath.  If you have a knife made by another maker, a hatchet, ulu, or other tool - odds are Dawn can craft a custom sheath for it.  Most scabbards can be made for $25-40, depending on size and complexity. Please request a quote or give us a call to see what we can make for your knife.

IRBI Knives by Virgil Campbell
Virgil Campbell creating an IRBI Knife
IRBI Knife w/ coral handle & Damascus blade; Sheath by Dawn Campbell
Dawn Campbell creating an IRBI Sheath
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