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Dawn Campbell at work making sheathes
Custom sheath engraving by Dawn Campbell
IRBI sheathes in progress
Custom IRBI Sheath for a non-IRBI knife

A custom knife calls for a custom sheath.  Dawn Campbell has been making sheaths for IRBI Knives since 1987, when her mother-in-law, Clara Campbell, started teaching her the trade.  Clara originally picked up the trade  in the late-1970s, after she and Irvin ran out of reliable craftsmen to make the sheaths.


Our sheathes are designed to keep your IRBI Knife safely and snugly by your side for years to come, as they are a friction-fit sheath.  Each sheath is made with 8-9 oz. leather, and are form- fitted to each knife. The sheathes are treated to be water resistant so they last for many years.  We can stamp names or initials into the sheath before its finished, or engrave on it after completion.


When ordering, you can specify whether you want a left- or right-handed sheath. Do you have a knife from another maker that needs a sheath? Maybe a hatchet or ulu? Odds are Dawn can make a sheath to fit it. See our pricing or request a quote.


Our sheathes are water-resistant, not water-proof.  

  • If your sheath gets wet, remove the knife and allow the sheath to air dry completely before storing your knife in it again. 

  • Do not apply oil to your IRBI sheath. This can cause the leather to warp and lose its snug fit.  

  • If you live in a humid area, we recommend storing your knife outside the sheath completely to avoid rusting from condensation. 

  • Read more about caring for your IRBI Knife.

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